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450Converting a dirtbike to a roadracer is easier and more affordable than you might think. GPtech has designed parts for the YZ450 with simplicity and durability being the main focus.

The frame, swingarm, subframe, engine, radiators and gas tank are all left in standard trim (no welding or special parts are required to make the transition to roadracer). It was important to GPtech to make converting a YZ450 basic and straightforward with no fabricating involved.

A few key parts are manufactured by GPtech, making the conversion simple and straightforward. The components needed consist of a shift arm, rearset relocation plates, a tank cover, a set of fairing brackets, and a longer steering stem (mates R6 front end to standard YZ450 headstock).

The remainder of parts are not uncommon to the average racer converting a streetbike to track use. Additional basic parts include TZ250 bodywork, rearsets, rear shock, exhaust, clip-ons, and an oil overflow can with a refilling oil bolt.

The converted 450 has a high corner speed comparable to a 125cc GP bike with similar power to a SV650. The bike is designed to encourage spirited riding while teaching good motorcycle handling skills. Weight is around 240lbs (depending on what parts are used or discarded).

Cost was another factor GPtech carefully considered. It was important to keep the overall cost of a build down while increasing the performance of the motorcycle. Starting with a salvaged R6 front end for $500, an average cost for a build is around $4200. With an abundance of roadrace and motard parts on the market there are plenty of upgrade items available. GPtech is continuing parts development with crash protection, service stands and performance parts.

GPtech testing and development info is available to all customers. Technical support is paramount in helping customers develop the bike to best suit each rider's needs. GPtech races what they sell - dependability, performance and versatility are keys to a successful design.



Yamaha YZ450 - Required parts for a conversion:


R6 ('05 or newer) OPTION
Steering stem **
Stem spacer **
R6 forks
R6 upper triple
R6 lower triple
R6 front wheel - Option: Galespeed Forged Alum.
R6 front caliper - Option: AP Racing
R6 front disc - Option: AP Racing
Front brake master cylinder (16mm or larger) - Option 1: AP Racing
Option 2: Brembo
Option 3: Nissin

YZ450 (oem) OPTION
Front fork service - Option: Mach 1 Motorsports

Ohlins rear shock
YZ450 rear wheel - Option: Galespeed Forged Alum.

Shifter control arm **
Shift linkage rod assembly**
Rearset plates**
R1 rearsets - Option: Valtermoto Yam R1 04 model
Handlebar Clipon set (50mm)
R6 rear foot master cylinder

Fairing brackets** - front, upper Y, L/R side, seat front/base/rear
Tank cover**
TZ250 bodywork- Option: Airtech ('06 or newer)
TZ250 windscreen

Exhaust - Option: Graves
Oil catch overflow tank - Option: Graves
Oil fill plug - Option: Graves

** GPtech manufactured part



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