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GPtech manufactures three thumbrake models. All systems are designed to work with the existing foot master cylinder. Every thumbrake comes with a Goodridge stainless steel -3 line (enough from the thumbrake to the foot master cylinder), dual foot thumb fitting (junction valve), banjos, and crush washers.

The GPtech junction valve is a first in the industry: designed to work with the foot master rather than eliminate the OEM unit (available for most current sportsbikes). The junction valve can be used in a race or stunting application where the rider needs both foot and thumb operations. This type of engineering lends itself to special applications.


The original GPtech thumbrake. 1/2" bore with Nissin internals. Billet lever. Will NOT lock the rear wheel. Mounts on the left handlebar.
discontinued-parts available
Best suited for supermotard and dirt applications; will work for stunting and road racing. Provides the most power. mutli-adjustable. Will lock the rear wheel in a motard or dirt application. Mounts on the left handlebar. Utilizes 11mm or 13mm master cylinder.
The most advanced thumbrake model. Originally designed for Competition Accessories race team. Allows user to mount the brake in the tightest of spaces. Multi-adjustable. Utilizes 11mm or 13mm master cylinder.
Included with every thumbrake at no charge. Pressurizes foot master allowing dual operation or a linked braking system. Available for most sport bike applications. Can be purchased separately for special uses.
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