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Valtermoto is an Italian manufacturer of high quality motorcycle components. Valtermoto manufactures 7 types of rearsets and a selection of setback plates. All rearsets set the peg back 28mm and up 24mm, with the exception of the works set — (multi adjustable). Manufactured with T6 7075 aluminum. Spare parts available separately for every model. Parts are interchangeable between models.

Check out the Valtermoto Catalog for rearsets bike application details


Tipo 1 rearset
An affordable and durable rearset. Solid pegs and simple design. Sold with all required hardware. Clear anodized finish.
from $196.67
Tipo 2 rearset
Lighter than tipo 1. Comes with carbon fiber heel guards. More angular in design. Multiple colors available.
from $296
Tipo 3 rearset
A more flowing design. Tipo 3 feature: foldable pegs, carbon heel guards, rubber coated shift and brake pedal rods, and multiple colors.
from $339.04
Tipo 1.5 series
Natural color, solid pegs, simplistic design, heel gaurds not included.
from $280
Tipo 2.5 series
Multiple colors, angular design, carbon gaurds, billet shifter/brake pedals, heavy knurl pegs.
from $416
Tipo 3.5 series
Multiple colors, flowing design, carbon gaurds, rubber shifter/brake pedals, larger diameter foot pegs. (The 3.5 rearset is used on the Jamie James Production R1.)
from $480
Set Back Plates
Set back plates utilize the standard OEM rearsets and controls. An affordable way to get the desired peg position. Comes with all hardware needed. Available for most modern sportbikes.
from $98
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