Indy Moto 2

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Moto GP WorldChampionship

9th Place

Class: Moto 2
Date: Aug 29th 2010
Chassis: FTR M210

Team GPtech

Rider: Jason Disalvo
Crew Chief: Al Ludington
Suspension: Mike Fitzgerald
Data: Amauri Nunes
Head mechanic: Jayson Lubben
Manager, Owner: Geoff Maloney



INDIANAPOLIS, Friday, Aug. 13, 2010 – American rider Jason DiSalvo will compete in the Moto2 class at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP on Aug. 27-29 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a wild-card entry.

DiSalvo, 26, from Stafford, N.Y., will ride an FTR M210 backed by GP Tech in Moto2, which features motorcycles with 600cc Honda engines and Dunlop tires. Former racer Geoff Maloney is managing the team.

Three American riders will compete in the Moto2 race: DiSalvo, Roger Lee Hayden on a wild-card Team Honda/Moriwaki entry managed by 1993 500cc World Champion Kevin Schwantz and full-time Jack & Jones by Antonio Banderas rider Kenny Noyes.

“It’s amazing what Geoff Maloney and the GP Tech team have accomplished in getting everything prepared in such little time, as the help from various people and organizations around the U.S. has been tremendous,” DiSalvo said. “I’m excited about being on Indy for the first time and hope to get up to speed fast on the FTR chassis and have a good result come Race Day.”

Excerpts from “thrown to the wolves”:
by dean adams
Wednesday, September 01, 2010
Longtime rivals Jason DiSalvo and Roger Lee Hayden raced their first Moto2 event at Indianapolis this past weekend. DiSalvo finished ninth in the race and considered it a small victory and success. "It was a dream-come-true race," he said, "because I was less than thrilled with my qualifying. I thought it was going to be more of a nightmare, starting from back in 26th."
Both veteran riders said that the Moto2 start was more WWF-style wrestling than motorcycle racing.
DiSalvo commented, "The start was a surreal experience. I don't know that I ever want to have to go through that again. I was actually pretty mortified that I had to go through it twice in one race. With 40 guys in the grid, it's really like someone pulled the pin on a grenade and threw it in the middle of the pack. When everything tightened up into Turn Two it was just survival, at that point. My first start was kind of like not so good, and so having it done, to having it to do over again, I wasn't thrilled about it. But in the end, I think it worked out the best, because we were sitting in a little bit better position. I was, maybe, a little bit more calm the second time around."
Both DiSalvo and Hayden have raced dirt track previously and, seemingly, a good comparison for a Moto2 start is the Last Chance Qualifier at a short track, right?
"Not even comparable," DiSalvo said, "because it would be like...think about this, too: How many guys start a dirt track race? Like 20, maximum? Eighteen? And that's intense. That's intense and amazing, and it's a great sensation. There's bumping around and stuff like that. But you don't worry about 40 other guys piling into you if you hit the deck, though. Man, it was so nerve-wracking. But the whole weekend, though, was just amazing. Except Turn 1 was a little nuts, that's for sure."

For DiSalvo, that he survived the re-start on two wheels was an important part to his finishing well. "I just tried to stay steady and fast and just do the best I could, and it worked out kind of like how I thought it would at the beginning," the former World Supersport rider said, "because everyone's so tight in this class. Everyone just sort of stacked up in a train. I had been saying from the beginning, my plan was just get through the beginning safe, and then try to pick guys off one at a time. I knew I had the speed. I knew the bike was strong. On some of the corner exits, particularly the last corner, I knew we could get out of there really, really well, and that's where I made a lot of draft-pass moves on the straightaway, in going into Turn 1. So everything just worked out. I was really, really happy to be able to get that good of a result. Especially coming from back in the grid. So next time, we'll try to qualify a little bit better and then see if we can't make it interesting at the front."

The American scored a highly impressive ninth place in the Moto2 race on Sunday and would welcome the chance to ride full time next season.
DiSalvo reviews impressive Indy wild card result
The American presence on the Moto2 grid at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix was trebled on Sunday as joining regular rider Kenny Noyes was the well publicised wild card Roger Lee Hayden and another one-off entrant: Jason DiSalvo.
It was the 26 year-old from New York state who scored the best result of the three, riding to a notable ninth place in the race on board his FTR chassis of the GP Tech team.
“This has been a dream weekend for us,” said DiSalvo. “Everybody working on the bike did a fantastic job and I cannot thank them enough. It shows their quality that we only had this bike for about a week before the race, they’re unbelievable.”
DiSalvo, who started from 26th on the grid, continued: “When the other guys were sliding about a bit our bike seemed to get better. Sliding really suited my style and I was able to pick guys off and work my way up. I can’t put into words what a great weekend it’s been.”
Giving his assessment of the new intermediate 600cc class, DiSalvo added: “It’s an incredibly high level of racing. It’s difficult with so many riders, there may be guys who finish far back who have so much talent. With 40 guys on the track it’s chaos sometimes!”
After his standout result it is likely that DiSalvo could be the recipient of the attention of some teams for the 2011 season, and he would be keen on a full-time ride in the World Championship.
“For the right team I think it’d be a wonderful opportunity,” he said. “For next year I’m keeping my options open. This is my only race for this year, we don’t have a full-time ride or anything, so it’s back to practicing my golf game for now!”

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Moto 2 info

Year End Wrap Up
Jason Disalvo 32nd standing in year end points (with one race)

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and each and every one involved in making our race weekend a success!

In the true spirit of GP racing our sponsors went above and beyond to make this possible.  With little notice, limited info, and under unrealistic time demands, each company showed a level of commitment that was as focused and determined as each team member.

The parts, spares, supplies and tech support needed for operating the bike were accompanied with extensive knowledge and experience.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase what can be done with a well-organized effort against the best racers and teams in the world.

It was an honor and dream to represent the USA at a Moto GP World Championship race weekend.
Sponsor support

Below is a list of the companies involved and what products and/or service each offers.  GPtech encourages the use of these products and services for your own personal race program.

FTR – M210 chassis

The bike was so good we were literally able to pull it out of the crate with minimal prep work and have running on pace with very little track time.  Full factory tech support was simply an email or call away.  A well-rounded chassis with plenty of adjustment, it was refreshing working on such a well designed motorcycle.  Quality and performance is second to none.

Fogi Racing – FTR chassis
Fogi is the owner of the bike used at Indy.  Devoted to getting riders from US involved in racing at an international level – developing riders for a career in roadracing.  Involved in USGPRU and Spanish championships.
Dunlop – Tires and Tech support
Dunlop US provided the service and tech support to help with the progression from testing to race day.  The tires available for testing were close to the size and shape of the spec race tires but also varied in construction.

Ohlins – Service, spares, and tech support
The latest spec Moto 2 Ohlins products are fitted to the M210 chassis.  Mike Fitzgerald (Thermosman) was in attendance for the Indy test and race with enough spares and knowledge to tame all suspension problems.   

M4 – Silencer
The silencer is a one off design, made within one day.  Manufactured and designed from digital photos of a similar canister next to a ruler, sent via email.  Prototyping was taken to a new level – the part fit well right out of the box, looked great, with good sound, and ample power.

Motion Pro – tools, chairs, throttle, hose clamps, gloves
True quality products made our days more comfortable.  Fantastic hand tools, comfortable chairs, and the quick turn throttle fit well. The stepless hose clamp set was very handy with a clean fitment – truly a better alternative to conventional hose clamps.  The tools we used were comfortable to use with a good positive fit on any nut or bolt.

RoadRacing World – Indy test
Provided insurance enabling the team to test at Indy for 1.5 hours each day for two evenings of practice before the race weekend.  RW was the first to report GPtech was importing the FTR chassis and first to report announcement for competition at Indy.  A fantastic place to find the best roadracing related info.

Riders Discount – Renthal sprockets, battery, worktable, Motion Pro hose clamp set, Chicken Hawk tire warmers
RD came through when it counted.  They were available from the beginning test at Gingerman Raceway (Mi).  They know their product line and can help with last minute odd requests.  Parts were available at track delivery the next day, everything in stock with top notch service.  A perfect place to locate those hard to find items.
Galfer – Accossato master cylinder
Accossato master cylinders are available with or without breakaway lever.  19x20 radial pump provides plenty of power and feel.

Stomp grip – tank grip support
Delivered at track, perfect shape and fit, durable design, cut to fit exactly where the rider needed grip most.

Peak Powersports – HRC download cable
The cable is required to download info from dash or change mapping.  Peak was able to find the cable no one else could and were nice enough to loan one for a couple weeks.

Tape Works – graphics
TW made it easy to showcase the people who helped with the project  - fantastic design, easy to apply, and very durable graphics.  The stars were indestructible and the graphics within each star was detailed and well worth it  - something we did not think possible until Tapeworks made it so.

Active – breakaway brake lever
Lever fits Brembo and Accusato master cylinders, breakaway upward and downward, shorty lever available.

Speedymoto – clip-ons
SM made it a priority and machined a custom set of clip-ons to a 51mm bore.  The clip-ons feature a two piece clamp design.  The bars offer variable angle simply by rotating in the holder.

Painter’s Supply & Equipment Co. – PPG paint and supplies
The latest in eco friendly paint made the bike look great.  High Performance, Waterborne Paint System.  Headquartered in Taylor, Mich. PSE is one of the largest PPG Platinum distributors in the US, operating 20 stores in Michigan and Ohio. Since 1952, PSE has been supplying the automotive, industrial, fleet and architectural industries with the highest quality paint and related products and services available.
Dyer Auto Body – 269-342-9049 (MI) paint work
Dyer did a great job painting three sets of bodywork with no extra time to spare.  Dyer extended their hours to allow Jason to paint through the night, while Eric and Lisa lent a helping hand in prep work and supplies – going the extra mile to meet testing and race deadlines.

Veloce Racing –
The espresso shots were just what were needed – The trick gas tank drum tool came in handy.

Double Dog Moto – carbon parts
Devoted to making future parts for FTR chassis – carbon manufactured parts are true quality.  Innovative monocoque tail sections give better feedback while at the same time reducing weight.

Motoheaven – Thrust sprockets, chains
Manufactured plenty of gearing and provided chains for testing and race weekend.  MH knows the racing business just as well as the street and stunting markets.  Great source for performance parts for all makes and model bikes.  Knowledgeable staff with technical expertise.
Poleposition Travel – travel
Good source for travel arrangements to GP races.

Indy Superbikes – tire warmers, gas tank vent
Had a few extra parts needed while testing at Indy.  Convenient location with good service.  Plenty of go fast bits available in stock.

Hotbodies – windscreens
Two different shapes were sent directly to the track.  The company is producing bodywork for street going CBR600’s, replicating the design of the FTR Moto 2 bodywork.

Valtermoto – tire cart
Keeps spare wheels and warmers organized and efficient to use- great tool trays and design.

Shock Doctor– dryer equipment, gear bags

SD makes dryers for helmet, gloves, and leathers.  Gear can be heated, deodorized and sanitized – the equipment worked flawlessly, making each track outing that much more comfortable for the rider.  The gear bags are well thought out with plenty of pockets.  Good source for safety devices and protection products for the rider.

Arai – helmet
Jason’s personal choice for a helmet.

EZ Photo Books – photo books and calendars
Commemorate events and memories using your own personal photos

Censport Graphics – graphics
Jason’s great looking helmet graphics.
Heroic – leathers
Jason’s personal choice for leathers.

Gilmore Car Museum –
Diverse shows and extensive collection.  The annual Vintage Motorcycle show in June is a must see.

GB Racing – case covers
NT had the covers shipped directly to the track in order to make last minute deadlines.  A few shapes made it easy on the team to switch from Moto 2 spec engine to test engine.  GB covers meet FIM regulations, innovative design, and mounts over existing oem cover, made of durable plastic, no gaskets no fuss – easy to install and remove.

Chicken Hawk – tire warmers
Warmers with adjustable heat range, durable design, easy to use, reliable.  CH has a rental program in place along with competitive, fair pricing.

Liquid Performance – additives
Full line of fluids for motorcycles, radiator fluid meets AMA requirements.

iCueSolutions – web services
Riders creating web page for riders and teams – great look and design vision.

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